IT Services For Business

Specializing in hardware support.
  • Adaptive IT Solutions
  • Service with Depth
  • "Locally Global"
  • Service Excellence
  • Giving IT Leaders Greater Control

    We have developed an adaptive suite of IT service and support solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of your continually evolving IT infrastructure. Our approach allows IT leaders to strategically leverage our complementary suite of IT services to create a support solution to fit exacting requirements.

    By reinforcing operational strengths and closing operational gaps, our goal is to help organizations drive ITIL compliance by increasing budget efficiency, streamlining operational workflows and processes, providing greater control over management of IT assets and service contracts and boosting overall productivity.

  • Driven by Our Clients

    Since 1981, our success has been the direct result of our client-driven services strategy. The services we provide, and the theaters in which we operate, are a direct result of this approach. As a trusted advisor to thousands of companies around the world, we care deeply about the success of our clients and ensure every IT service we offer plays a role in helping their business thrive. No other IT services provider directly focuses on operational efficiencies and expense reductions for its clients like SMS.

    Well known by Gartner and IDC, and having a long list of support references, SMS offers more than simple break/fix services.

  • A Solid Service Delivery Model

    We have invested a great deal of time and effort into building a global support structure that ensures the same dependability and high quality of service for every client regardless of their location or service requirements. Our “locally global” support model is structured in such a way that the IT services we provide are globally available, standardized, and controlled, but also provide a local response, escalation, and management, along with the flexibility to meet the unique needs of our clients.

    With efficiency, global delivery consistency and cost effectiveness built into the foundation of our support infrastructure, we provide unequaled IT service and support that will help your business meet its operational and budgetary goals.

  • Quality is Built into Our Process

    Committed to providing the best possible IT service and support, our quality control begins before any service is provided. To prepare our clients and our internal support teams for a new contract start, we initiate our Service Assurance process. This comprehensive process is critical to make certain all potential risk is minimized and all parties involved are communicating effectively.

    Throughout this process, our goal is to give new clients the highest level of confidence in our ability to seamlessly transition them to SMS service and support without any impact on their business activities.